Robin Hobb – Royal Assassin Book Review


Today I finished the second book in the Farseer Trilogy, writted by Robin Hobb. I hadn’t bothered to read them, despite having a strong interest in fantasy. So much fantasy falls into generic repeats of the same good vs bad story convenientally unfolding as a quest and i’d foolishly writted off Robin Hobb’s books into that ‘David Eddings-esque’ category. Definitely a mistake, and one I urge other readers of fantasy to avoid.
Her books aren’t works of fantasy genius up with the best, but they’re very enjoyable and have unfolded with enough surprises to keep me guessing where they’re going to end up. This series stars a royal bastard who as the titles suggest is an Assassin. Although I struggle to recall the last time he actually did any true assassination. Mostly he just seems to run around getting into political intrigue. Despite this the world doesn’t feel huge or overly detailed which is quite a relief as I have recently been reading A Song Of Ice and Fire, The Wheel Of Time, et al which despite all their excellence can boggle the mind at times. Religion also so far seems to be refreshingly absent from the world, so lazy writer deus-ex-machina syndrome is neatly avoided. The end of the book was very exciting, although perhaps a bit grim. Hopefully the final book in the trilogy will end on a cheerier note, definitely a series where you want the next book lined up. Difficult to put down. 5/5.


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