A fresh perspective

I wonder what the average number of posts is for a blog? I suspect it must be fairly low although a quick google search does not yield any real answers apart from a discussion on the number of dead for which my older posts would surely be counted! The initial joy of sharing your thoughts with the world suddenly facing the reality that you’re just shouting into the void. Along with millions of other people. Initial motivation wanes before a sudden death (As occurred with this blog just a year ago) or the intermittent fade as a blog starts being posted to once a fortnight.. a month.. a year. So why start again, is it just pandering to the ludicrous belief that my thoughts are somehow special and more important than all others? That they just have to be heard.

If a blog is posted that no one reads. Has it been posted at all?

But I’ve been thinking to myself: does that matter? If nothing but spam bots or the google web spider finds it’s way into my murky corner of the net I no longer think I need be concerned. Self expression never needed an audience before. Somewhere in the world there’s the best book never published just lying in a neglected drawer – it’s still the best at something. There are other motivations putting self expression aside. The first: writing takes practice. Practice beyond those simple everyday reports, and certainly more than I managed in my two numerate degrees. Secondly it’s a way of recording things for myself. I looked upon those posts of a year ago and memories came flooding back! That’s a rarity for me, I often joke that I’m a different person to the boy I was five years ago. I certainly don’t remember much of it! I’ve thought about keeping a diary – I have one from when I was 12 – 16 that I occasionally look at. Perhaps this blog can serve as a less navel gazing alternative!

In the end I’ll try to avoid that initial burst of activity or terminal decline. I’ll set myself a goal: A blog post a day. I think a really good blog posts more than that but we’ll start off gentle! As before, it can be made on a variety of subjects. Everything that interests me really! Music, sports, books, TV, friendship and a little bit about me in all of that. In those top ten blogging tips they probably always put that. It’s true though, all my favourite blogs have the character of the author come through. It could very well be why I don’t get on with those community blogs with half a dozen guest writers.

Lets see how it goes!


About lenty

22 year old medical statistician living in London. I love drone music, F1, politicians and reading fantasy/sci-fi/dystopian fiction. Generally I post about a mixture of all the above plus the movies I watch!
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