A sense of reward

There’s another side of the coin to the half empty/half full glass debate which I’ve come to realise in the last two days. Such a question is trying to determine whether your an optimist or pessimist but there’s also the more far reaching question of how you expect the glass to be. If the pessimist expects to find an empty glass and discovers a half empty one he’s delighted. Half a glass above expectations is a big win and sure to give the day a little but of shine. An optimist, one who expects the full glass, is only ever going to be disappointed. Even if he comes across a full glass that’s only ever going to reach his expectations, never exceed (At this point the metaphor breaks down.. you can always get 2 glasses if you’re lucky).

People are surprised sometimes that I’m not super happy about certain achievements. But it’s not because I’m unhappy per say. Just that I expected myself to do something and did it, if you’re just matching expectations it’s hard to get excited – even if you couldn’t actually exceed your expectations.

So that’s my brief thought for the day. High expectations of yourself can be both a good thing in terms of belief and motivation but also bad in terms of payoff and reward.


About lenty

22 year old medical statistician living in London. I love drone music, F1, politicians and reading fantasy/sci-fi/dystopian fiction. Generally I post about a mixture of all the above plus the movies I watch!
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