Clones is an indie game which describes itself as an evolution of Lemmings. It follows the simple but addictive formula, guide wandering idiots to the level exit by assigning roles to your people. At only £5.39 it’s an absolute steal though.


One of our favourite multiplayer levels

Firstly it’s obvious that this isn’t a cheap cash-in. The game runs smoothly, at a wide variety of resolutions. Graphics are simple but stylish although there’s the occasional problem with background and foreground merging. Annoying if you run into a wall you need to dig through on your first play through a level. Music is also simplistic and is bound to get a little repetitive with the number of hours I may play this game for – this isn’t a flaw as far as I see it! The game runs smoothly, never lagging out when there are plenty of characters on screen.

There can be a lot of clones on screen at once you see. Clones comes with 8 player multiplayer. Whilst my friend and I have had a few problems hosting games without completely disabling the firewall, the multiplayer sessions have been fantastic. Co-operative multiplayer battle is very challenging with a lot of conflicting sources for your attention. We may get bored of it eventually as it does break down into drill/bridge when you’re attacking your opponent. It can get very complicated though with some levels set in space with the sort of gravity changes which made Shattered Horizon so confusing. Having two sets of clones in different gravity modes is bizarre and headache inducing. If you wrap your brain around it all you’re in for a treat.

Clear design choices have also been made when it comes to controls. Hot keys are available for every clone job assignment, as well as a radial menu when you select a clone. With many different moves available it’s initially overwhelming in multiplayer. This is not the case with the single player as it gently guides you through each clone type before letting you loose on some fiendish levels. The game is absolutely huge. There’s 150 levels and each level records demos and has a scoreboard. Attempting to get the world record in each level is easily something you can foresee taking hundreds of hours if you are so inclined.

There’s tons more to talk about: Level editor! We’ll be sure to begin to design some clone levels in the future for multiplayer sessions. You unlock items as you play, sticking your clones with moustaches is bound to raise a few giggles :). To be honest at this point you should stop reading the review and just try out the demo.


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