Tim Hecker @ The Luminaire 01/12/2010

Had an enjoyable evening yesterday after trekking through the cold to The Luminaire near Kilburn. The venue was very nice and so it’s an absolute shame it’s closing down at the end of this year. A raised stage with a small pit beneath so more people can actually see who is playing is a strong point which many specialist music venues ignore. It was also in good shape considering it’s closing soon.. not some run-down hell hole! The sound was also quite good if a little bass heavy. You might recognise some of the signs there from the internet:

They take their music seriously..

The originally scheduled acts were: Family Battle Snake, Rameses III and Tim Hecker but due to weather Rameses III pulled out and we got Cam Deas instead. This was a massive shame because Cam Deas was not having a good day. I’ve heard his music a little before but it never just sounded like a man pissing about with his guitar playing strange sounds with no overall cohesion in mind. I was bored throughout his set and I don’t think the rest of the crowd were too thrilled with his set. He got a good round of applause when he finished so either I’m being a little harsh or they were just quite glad to see him off!

After a short interlude and an electronic buzz problem, Family Battle Snake began his set. I found this very enjoyable and interesting throughout. I love it when layers of sound come together like this, it was very appropriate for fans of Tim Hecker.

I was also glad at this point of the evening to have some specialist ear-plugs in the form of the Elacin ER-20s. The idea here is that they reduce the volume of sound without blocking it out. At first I was sceptical – I could still hear everything so clearly. Had I installed them in my ear correctly? Turns out they do the job they are supposed to perfectly, the bass got very heavy during Family Battle Snake and the dubstep played before Tim Hecker came on. Usually I leave venues (see previous gig post) with my ears ringing so to walk away with crystal clear hearing is a blessing, particularly when I’m going to so many gigs at the moment.

Tim Hecker’s set was exactly as you imagine it would be. Not particularly dynamic in the visual department considering it’s one man and a laptop although I never got the sense he was just playing mindsweeper back there. Tim was always busy doing something and so there was also a connection between the music and his actions which is gratifying. The set was short at just 40 minutes but covered a wide range of Hecker periods. It all worked seamlessly together and there were some great moments when themes from An Imagination Country (100 Years Ago) amongst others (Chimeras) came through the mix.  Hope everyone who is going to All Tomorrow’s Parties enjoys him there also!


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