Albums of 2010

Damn. Was typing this post out in notepad when my PC promptly crashed. So now attempting to perform the annoying trick where you make a half-arsed effort to recall what you originally typed!Long overdue it’s time for my first top of 2010 list! First up music, then maybe movies tomorrow. TV is a bit pointless since it’ll just consist of Mad Men and Breaking Bad for every year they’re ever shown at this point. In no particular order, since any order at this fine detail is likely to change depending on my mood whilst constructing the list:

Sufjan Stevens – Age of Adz

Cumulation of his work thus far in my opinion. Not that it’s necessarily the best (think Illinois and Seven Swans pip it) but combining everything he has done so far. Capturing the electronic glitchyness of albums like Enjoy Your Rabbit to the multilayered vocals of Illinois to the allegorically-rich Seven Swans. Most importantly the songs are fun, catchy and get me singing along. The final track, the sprawling multi-part 25 minute epic of Impossible Soul is perhaps Sufjan’s finest song to date. After seeing Godspeed this year Sufjan now occupies the top spot in the people I must see live list. Looks amazing, colorful costumes, balloons!

“Boy, we can do much more together”
“Got to get a life. Get a life. Get a life”.


Jónsi – Go

Some more fun pop music! When Sigur Rós announced they were going on hiatus I was originally sadenned. Since the release of Jonsí & Alex plus this I’ve got to take that all back. Both are better than anything Sigur Rós have done in the entire decade. A little front heavy this album got a lot of plays. Very cheerful compared to a lot of my music also!


Kyle Bobby Dunn – A Young Person’s Guide To..

Possibly better than Stars of the Lid. Fine instrumental ambience. Sophisticated and covers a range of emotions. Probably my favourite album of the year as a whole. Piano, Horns, little bursts of noise, low frequency static rumbling in the background throughout creating an eerie mood – this record was designed for me. I’ve listened to the album more than 60 times throughout the year and I know it’ll be a favourite in the decade to come. You might say timeless! Music is always associated with memories for me. Some so painful I can’t listen to the albums anymore. This record will permanently remind me of my care-free days of doing my masters and the times I spent strolling through the woods.


Peter Wright – Dissolving Light

3 CDrs with awesome packaging. Glad I bought this one from Peter! First CD is probably my favourite. I love Peter’s mix of nature, guitar drone and urban samples. The other two CDs are less intricate than the first and are live recordings from concerts I wish I was at.


Wereju – An Anniversary of Sorts

Really love this. Dark brooding and atmospheric drone. Probably my favourite Wereju album (or at least next to since it’s immensely listenable – this album caused me to buy 4 casette tapes when I didn’t even have a casette player! A problem with a lot of drone can be a lack of variety during a piece. Wereju’s music is constantly evolving as it ebbs and flows. I love the concepts of memory and dreams and this album reminds me that everything I know is fading away. I think a lot of people would find this album very sad and whilst it’s true that I have to be in a special sort of mood to give it a listen that doesn’t make this album any less rewarding when that’s the case.


About lenty

22 year old medical statistician living in London. I love drone music, F1, politicians and reading fantasy/sci-fi/dystopian fiction. Generally I post about a mixture of all the above plus the movies I watch!
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One Response to Albums of 2010

  1. Paul Alferie says:

    great year end list. i totally loved that kyle bobby dunn epic as well! so many purely emotional and human moments captured in its sounds. and definitely ideal for long hours in the woods or research.

    – Paul

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