Adam Curtis on nuclear energy

Via Ben Goldacre comes this fantastic spot about a previous Adam Curtis documentary. I’ve been steadily working my way backwards through these and it’s amazing just how prescient Adam is at times. Seeing something like the Power of Nightmares is illuminating about our current world. However a documentary like Pandora’s Box, which has a very similar message, but was made in 1992 is extraordinary.

In particular episode 6 in the series, A Is For Atom, which talks about the problems with the Fukushima Daiichi plant’s reactors a little in advance..

In the early days following the quake I kept on seeing a lot of pro-nuclear people linking to this post. Obviously now any post made which ended with the conclusion “the plant is safe now and will stay safe.” is obviously wrong to everyone. The article is full of mistakes and misrepresentation and has been given a further debunking. I’m surprised at just how popular it spread though since it was fairly easy to not advance far before the first major error. Originally the article stated that the difference between 8.2 and the 8.9 is 7 times rather than 0.7. An almost embarrassing mistake since this is simply log10 maths and gave a little insight into how painfully wrong much of the rest of the post would prove to be.


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