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Best short stories

Via comes Locus‘s recommendations for their top stories of 2010. I really enjoy short stories although I generally find a much greater range of quality than in novels. This might be one of the reasons why they’re still not … Continue reading

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Brighton Rock

Brighton Rock by Graham Greene is one of many classics which occupy the list deep in my mind titled “Books I need to get around to reading at some point”. A list utterly distinct from the “To read next” list … Continue reading

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“How does the never to be differ from what never was?” – Cormac McCarthy

There’s been a huge number of blog posts generated in the fantasy and sci-fi community as a result of this blog post which is an interesting argument essentially saying that current  fantasy is too nilhistic and yearning for the return … Continue reading

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This video makes TF2 look far more awesome than it has any possible right to be. I40 was good fun.. would be fun to go along with all our rigs at some point and take part in a LAN properly. … Continue reading

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Roald Dahl’s Twisted Tales

Went to the theatre last night with Jen to see Roald Dahl’s Twisted Tales and it was a very pleasant evening’s entertainment. We had cheap tickets, row D, although I didn’t personally struggle with the view save for one scene … Continue reading

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127 Hours

I don’t often get a chance to review films, books or music I dislike. This is because life is short and I don’t have the time to actively seek out media that isn’t going to be entertaining. Occasionally though I’m … Continue reading

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National Maritime Museum

Today I visited the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Despite the stunning location and the close location of the excellent Royal Observatory it was seriously disappointing. The Maritime Museum was one of those museums which despite being huge didn’t feel … Continue reading

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